Non-verbal communication – what does it 'say'?

QuestionsSometimes we shrug, or smile, or sigh, but we don’t say anything.

Is this a helpful additional way to communicate, or is it a hinderance?


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  1. Words are not enough:

    Like notes in a scale, though words alone can describe a tune, true expression requires a language beyond words, instructions for interpretation and colouration, a gesture, a look, a tone, a touch, an understanding for the space between and around, listening for infinitesimal vibrations resonating from infinite dimensions shaping our interior and exterior worlds, through which our words trace a stepping stone path.

    I guess true communication and comprehension requires more than a million observations both large and small but let us hope this wonderful endeavour goes some way to fill in the gaps between us and the world we are part of.

    Good luck Hilary.

    Lots of love,
    Chumki xxxx

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