Mapping Dialogue

Reading & researchMapping Dialogue: A research project profiling dialogue tools and processes for social change (v.2, 2006) is a publication from Johannesburg, South Africa, produced by Pioneers of Social Change in partnership with The German Technical Co-operation (gtz) Project: Support to the HIV/AIDS Programme of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Its rationale, to quote from the Introduction, is that ‘ …the modern world loves answers. We like to solve problems quickly. We like to know what to do. We don’t want to “reinvent the wheel”. We don’t want to “waste our time”. And when we have the answers or have a wheel invented we like to pass on the information to others. We do this through the media, through training programmes where teachers pass on answers to students, or through conferences where experts speak on panels while hundreds listen (or pretend to listen) in the audience. This approach may be useful for some situations, but is problematic for a number of reasons, particularly when working on social and human challenges in the 21st century.’


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