What reading and media do you recommend?

Reading & researchWe all have books, films, maybe even images and performance art experiences which help us to understand ‘meaning’ and dialogue.

Please share here any resources which could help others of us to delve more deeply into this understanding.

Thank you!


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  1. Daniel Gilbert

    Will go for one of my all time favourites: the Shāhnāmé, the Persian book of kings (& a few queens too), both real and mythological, up to the time of the Arab invasion, by their great national poet Firdowsi. A really rewarding read that will transport you to a completely different metal place.

    This is the great national epic, and written from the perspective of north-east Iran (e.g. Khorasan) rather than the western Iranian dynasties that are much better known in the EU. It tells a story of ongoing Iranian birth and rebirth over millenia and was completed just after Turkic invasion of that nation; a subject at the heart of this narrative! Poetry, and note least the Shāhnāmé, is at the heart of Iranian culture and provides a long line of continuity connecting the country with its past.

    Whilst I am at it: check out Mullah Nasruddin stories common across the Middle East – great gems of comic wisdom!

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