Degrowth change starts with a 'nice chat around a good dinner'

case studyToday (Sunday 6 June 2010) thousands of citizens from more than 65 cities in 19 countries participated in the 1st Global PicNic for Degrowth under the slogan: change always starts with a nice chat around a good dinner.

Degrowth in practice includes sharing houses, durable goods and work, while devoting more time to art, music, family, culture and community – hence, presumably, the shared PicNics.

The organisers claim that degrowth is ‘not a far-fetched utopian concept, but something which we can experience daily with simple, communal and convivial action.’

Would you agree that their current way of taking things forward matches their ‘not utopian’ objective?


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  1. Just been pointed in the direction of this site – very interesting group and thoughts; I have always wondered why there’s such an obsession with constant growth when common sense dictates that this is not infinitely sustainable.

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