Feeling ‘instinctively right’

How much of a guide is ‘gut feeling’ when it comes to strategy? Is it a useful indicator of what sorts of action will work; or should it be put aside for more overtly rational ways to decide what to do? The dismal proportion of women directors on FTSE-100 Boards is a case in hand. Research by Cranfield University shows that in 2009 just 12% of FTSE-100 directors were women…

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Community development: on-going dialogue, wherever it happens?

The Katine community development project in north-east Uganda has just (8 November 2010) come largely to an end, after a three-year collaboration between The Guardian newspaper, Barclay’s Bank and Amref (the African Medical Research Education Foundation).
The focus is therefore currently on evaluation.

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Is knowledge also power?

In his review of Knowledge Power (Alan Wilson, Routledge, 2010), Jon Nixon says that this book is ‘based on the questionable but unquestioned assumption that “we live at the centre of a knowledge explosion” and that “knowledge is now the key capital resource”: hence, the conjunction of “knowledge” and “power” in the book’s title.

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Rapport depends on understanding, music and words alike

As a dedicated enthusiast for music of all sorts, I have strong preferences for how it ‘should’ be presented. To my mind it’s fine for those on stage to talk a little when they are playing short, popular pieces, but patter’n’perform holds little attraction for me when attending a formal classical concert. Words have their place, but only as an accessible (inexpensive) written programme note.

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The ‘daylight saving’ evidence dilemma

The hour lost / hour gained debate is upon us again – that twice-yearly agitation about whether Greenwich Mean Time is critical to the British way of life.   My own view is clear: the evidence for moving to permanent BST (British Summer Time) is beyond dispute, even for Scotland. But this evidence is very obviously not compelling to everyone.

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