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‘Shall we make a baby?’ – personal choice and public perceptions

There are few more intimate discussions than that about whether to have a child; and few more momentous outcomes for individuals than when this question is not considered, and the baby arrives anyway. So why is this such a difficult issue? Almost half of conceptions are unexpected, or even actively unwanted. Yet knowledge about how to avoid pregnancy is easily available.

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The ‘daylight saving’ evidence dilemma

The hour lost / hour gained debate is upon us again – that twice-yearly agitation about whether Greenwich Mean Time is critical to the British way of life.   My own view is clear: the evidence for moving to permanent BST (British Summer Time) is beyond dispute, even for Scotland. But this evidence is very obviously not compelling to everyone.

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Frugal innovation

The concept of frugal innovation has been used by the journal Business Standard to describe ‘low-cost but cutting-edge’ technology in areas as diverse as aviation, healthcare, transportation and energy.

The term has also been defined as an approach to innovation characterised by very careful, insightful and economical use of resources, both human and material (see Re Vica on educational applications).

So can we use this idea in other social and public services as well?

The idea behind this website (amsc) would suggest that frugal innovation is a useful technique. Are there further examples of how this can be applied?

Sustainability – who uses the term, and why?

Questions‘Sustainability’ is a word used by many people, but it has different meanings in different contexts.

Sometimes the term refers to the environment and ecological matters.

Sometimes it’s about the economy, jobs and wealth.

And sometimes it refers to communities and making them good places to live and work.

So is it possible – or indeed useful – to bring all these aspects together under the one word, ‘sustainability’?

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