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Small print can scupper (what should be) small conversations

I use the inter-city rail service often, and generally it’s okay; but there is one snag in the way it operates which many travellers will confirm causes ill-will and chaos. This is that the ticket / receipt of payment to travel, and the required seat reservation which goes with it, are usually printed on separate ‘business card’ sized tickets.

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‘Shall we make a baby?’ – personal choice and public perceptions

There are few more intimate discussions than that about whether to have a child; and few more momentous outcomes for individuals than when this question is not considered, and the baby arrives anyway. So why is this such a difficult issue? Almost half of conceptions are unexpected, or even actively unwanted. Yet knowledge about how to avoid pregnancy is easily available.

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The ‘daylight saving’ evidence dilemma

The hour lost / hour gained debate is upon us again – that twice-yearly agitation about whether Greenwich Mean Time is critical to the British way of life.   My own view is clear: the evidence for moving to permanent BST (British Summer Time) is beyond dispute, even for Scotland. But this evidence is very obviously not compelling to everyone.

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Framing communities through faith

The Economist Debate which has just finished raises some difficult questions.

The topic under vigorous discussion was This house believes that religion is a force for good. It has consistently been the case however that readers of The Economist hold no such view; throughout the exchange around three quarters of them rejected the proposition in hand.

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Is upsetting people OK, to get their attention?

The 10:10 campaign, launched last September to highlight carbon emissions and damage to the environment, has hit a problem. A four minute film commissioned for the 10:10 date (10 October) to challenge apathy about climate change has itself become the issue, with claims that it’s tasteless, too violent and will create disaffection for the cause it promotes.

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