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Is life experience a generally marketable asset?

Is life experience something we normally get opportunities to articulate in the workplace?

In other words, do employers value in a measurable way how people act and see the world?

And does that affect how some of us communicate in and / or out of the workplace?


Is it OK to talk politics at work?

There are still those who think it improper or unprofessional to discuss politics (other than as it relates directly to the organisation’s policy) when at work.

Do you agree with this position? And why (or why not)? Is politics outside work acceptable?

Does avoiding conversations about politics enhance the workplace environment; or does being open about this theme when at work make for better understandings and relations?

Sustainability – who uses the term, and why?

Questions‘Sustainability’ is a word used by many people, but it has different meanings in different contexts.

Sometimes the term refers to the environment and ecological matters.

Sometimes it’s about the economy, jobs and wealth.

And sometimes it refers to communities and making them good places to live and work.

So is it possible – or indeed useful – to bring all these aspects together under the one word, ‘sustainability’?

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