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Is it OK to talk politics at work?

There are still those who think it improper or unprofessional to discuss politics (other than as it relates directly to the organisation’s policy) when at work.

Do you agree with this position? And why (or why not)? Is politics outside work acceptable?

Does avoiding conversations about politics enhance the workplace environment; or does being open about this theme when at work make for better understandings and relations?


Is body language important?

Much has been made of body language during the current pre-election round of televised debates between political leaders.

Would it be helpful to effective communication if everyone learned more about body language, perhaps at school or as part of their vocational / professional training?

Or are we silly if we take too much note of how people unconsciously seem to behave, when they are trying to tell us things?

Teamwork and territory

QuestionsIs it easier to work in teams, or to have one’s own clearly defined ‘patch’?

Does it depend on the task in hand?

What differences are there for information sharing, between team approaches and the individualistic / hierarchical way of working?

Meetings: when is a brief one better?

QuestionsWhat’s the best duration for meetings to make decisions?

On what factors does this depend?

Can duration strengthen or weaken a team decision?

Memos, emails or chat?

Media & messagesWhat are best ways for a team to communicate?

Which rules for how to do this apply in which contexts?

And who decides?

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